Do you know the word ‘OTUA’ ?
It’s ‘Auto’ backwards, and this term reflects our mindset - the anti-thesis of ‘Automatic’.
We commit to the present, sincerely engage with what’s in front of us, and perceive things from all angles. Then we create from scratch, working with you to achieve your ideal goal.
We don’t work to predefined outcomes but provide a service which embraces infinite possibilities.
We promise that we will lead the project to find the best way of achieving your aim, leaving you satisfied with what we’ve created.
This is ‘OTUA’, this is our creative spirit.

Yuichi Ishii Creative Director / Art Director
Yuichi is a multi-award winning creative director. He has won the awards at D&AD Award (2016), One Show (2017), Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design (2016), Tokyo TDC (2017), APA AWARDS (2016), JAGDA (2018).
He is specialized in creating a vision which has an impactful and emotive story, obtained through his deep insights.
Aya Fukushima Stylist / Gallerist
Graduated Tama Art University. Aya become a stylist after she worked as a designer for apparel fashion. Her style goes beyond the surface, focusing on finding a message that resonates in the world and articulating it through styling. Her style is defined by strong passion and heightened sense, it shows you the future through fashion.